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Welcome to King Waterproofing and Silicone Caulking

Over the past 19 years, we’ve learnt a lot about waterproofing in the construction industry.

We’ve learnt that waterproofing is the construction industry’s unseen trade. But when mistakes happen, it can affect the entire job. Waterproofing’s worth only about 2 per cent of the total build cost, but accounts for 83 per cent of all building defect complaints.

We’ve learnt that the best way to save time, money and hassle is to get it right from the start, so you don’t end up paying more at the end.

We’ve also learnt that to get it right takes experience, expertise and ongoing training. All the things we at King Waterproofing and Silicone Caulking take very seriously.

We have helped a lot of clients. And we can help you too:

FREECALL 1300 915 464

I’m a stickler for the small things. If you do the small things right, you will never have a problem. Our reputation with our clients and our repeat business proves we’re on the right track.
John (‘King’) Abraham, Director

Check out our portfolio of major client projects and then give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.


1300 915 464

BSA Waterproofing licences:
Queensland 1150442                         New South Wales 217556C